Pivot creates website for AltaVita Memory Care Centre

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Pivot Communication completed a website for local memory care community AltaVita. Located in Longmont, Colo., AltaVita provides high quality housing for individuals with memory-related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. AltaVita is committed to kind, comprehensive care, and will eventually expand its MemoryCare Centre into a complete senior living community. Visit www.AltaVitaLiving.com to learn more.

Web Design – 6 Tips for Creating an Effective Strategy

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Developing a successful web design strategy is a lot like playing a smart game of Monopoly. Knowing your plan of attack before the first roll of the dice is the secret to winning in today’s marketplace. Here are six web design strategy tips to consider before you start to build.
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Guide to using WordPress – Volume 3

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This is the last of a three part guide to using WordPress. In this volume, I will show you how to insert media into your WordPress website. This could mean adding a photo to a blog post or embedding a YouTube video to a page. Lastly, I will also point you to a couple resources where you can learn more about using and customizing any WordPress website.

If you missed the first two volumes of “Guide to using WordPress” please click on the links below for a comprehensive beginners guide.

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Guide to using WordPress – Volume 2

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This is the second installment of a three part guide to using WordPress. In this volume, I will provide a brief explanation of what a WordPress page is, show you step-by-step how to create a new page, cover how to create links, and provide a few quick tips on how you can format you text.

If you have not had a chance to read the first volume 1 of “Guide to using WordPress” please click here. Otherwise, stay tuned as the last volume of “Guide to using WordPress” will be posted on our blog next week. Read more »

New Boulder Digital Arts space gives Front Range a bigger, better tech classroom

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Our friends at Boulder Digital Arts announced they’re moving into a 3,000-square foot space in Boulder this week. The new classroom space makes them better equipped to offer affordable classes taught by digital professionals who work with video editing, photography, design, new media and other technology. They’ve been a great resource for the Denver area and now they’re ready to be a regional powerhouse in digital education. Congrats, BDA.

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