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With big legislative changes in California, how could our client connect with decision makers?

In 2011 the U.S. Supreme Court told California to fix its prison overcrowding immediately or face drastic consequences. So California passed Assembly Bill 109, which shifted responsibility for supervising tens of thousands of inmates from the state to the counties—and the change needed to begin in just months. For almost all California counties, the deadline was daunting.

AB 109: We can help



Pivot worked to make the solution clear – counties should partner with BI Incorporated and GEO Reentry Services to find alternatives to incarceration in order to comply with AB 109. Within weeks, Pivot launched a campaign targeted at key decision makers in California counties, educating them on alternatives to detention, while also dispelling misinformation surrounding the new law. Each ad, article placement and piece of direct mail reinforced the message – BI and GEO Reentry know what they’re doing and have the reputation to back it up.





Building momentum

Using momentum from existing programs in California, Pivot helped BI and GEO Reentry convince county officials that building more jails wasn’t the right answer. What California counties needed were successful community-based alternatives to detention and reentry programs built on evidence-based practices that delivered rehabilitation and accountability.

Spreading the word with smart PR strategies

The Madera Tribune

Madera County uses reporting center to reduce jail population

With more criminals remaining in the custody of local jails rather than being shipped off to state prisons, Madera County is relying on one simple idea: reduce crime — and the jail population — by changing the way criminals think. Nearly two years ago the Madera County Probation Department partnered with BI Incorporated, a company that provides community re-entry programs for prisoners and probationers…

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The Fresno Bee

From life of crime to new hope: one fresno dad’s success story

By the time Ruben Polin violated probation by being caught with a gun in his possession, his life included gangs, drugs and violence. And he was tired of it. So Polin did something about it. Thursday, the 34-year-old Fresnan was among 12 Fresno County probationers recognized for finishing the Day Reporting Center, a criminal-justice rehabilitation and education program for repeat offenders.

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The Ukiah Daily Journal

18 celebrate graduation from new probation program

Jason Cole’s young daughter summed it up for everyone in the room. “Yay, Daddy!” the toddler said again and again as Cole spoke to the audience, even as he thanked her for “giving me the strength to keep wanting to do the right thing.” Cole was among 18 of Mendocino County’s first graduates from a newly instituted program that uses “moral recognition therapy” for high-risk offenders on probation…

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Making an impact

The intensive campaign helped BI and GEO Reentry quickly set meetings with decision makers throughout the state and garner more than a dozen contract wins with California counties before AB 109 even took effect. By showing officials a better solution than incarceration as a first sanction, Pivot helped BI and GEO Reentry establish themselves as leaders in realignment solutions.


Today, BI and GEO Reentry Services work with 20 California counties for reentry services. The initiative was also a win for taxpayers, who were spared the high costs of incarceration. One county alone saved $1.2 million in its first year of partnership with BI by employing electronic monitoring instead of jail-time.

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