We use a uniform process to achieve a predictable result: Behavior change. We also pride ourselves on being effective communicators, so we keep you abreast of projects as they proceed and involve you at critical points to gather feedback and consensus.

Our Process

1. Aim

As a critical first step, we discuss your project or campaign goals and your target audience. We’ll help you explore these goals, as they will become our touchstones for moving forward and developing measurable activities.

2. Research

With clearly defined goals, we begin our research process to uncover current behaviors, perceptions and beliefs – and importantly, barriers to your desired outcomes. These are critical for developing a meaningful project strategy. We use a variety of research practices, including audits, surveys, observational research and focus groups.

3. Strategy

Armed with information gathered from research, we develop a well-defined strategy to guide next steps, including concepts, messaging and the selection of marketing activities. Your tailored strategy will outline activities to help you stand out among competing organizations.

4. Concepts and Messaging

This is where the spark happens. Our creative team develops impactful key messages and concepts that will carry throughout a project or campaign. We’ll develop imagery and words that will resonate with your target audiences.

5. The Marketing Mix

The right marketing mix – from an array of options – is essential. We’ll define specific activities, timelines, costs and more so your campaign hits on all cylinders when implemented.

6. Implement

We drive implementation with a highly organized project management system to tracks details, timelines and results.

7. Analyze

We love data and accountability, so our final step is tracking results and reporting back to you. We tie back to the original goals to ensure we are hitting the mark. Outcomes data will also drive campaign adjustments.

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