BI Incorporated plans alcohol monitoring workshop for national conference


Larry Gestaut, PhD, Vice President, Giner, Inc., and Robert Murnock, Regional Manager, BI Incorporated, both very experienced in alcohol monitoring devices, will co-present. APPA is an excellent forum for learning what is new in corrections technology and community-based supervision strategies, said Jock Waldo, BI Vice President, Marketing. This workshop will help corrections professionals learn how alcohol monitoring systems work in great detail.

In 2009, BI launched BI TAD ®, a sophisticated alcohol monitoring system that includes electronic monitoring capabilities. The industry response has been swift and positive to TAD. Giner, based in Newton, Mass., developed the alcohol sensing technology in TAD. Giner has been involved in alcohol sensing technology for more than a decade.

BI TAD allows probation and parole officers to monitor offenders for alcohol consumption and curfew adherence with a single device worn on an offender’s ankle. Many agencies have incorporated BI TAD into community supervision programs to ease the bottlenecks in courts and correctional facilities caused by DUI and DWI offenders, support officers as they handle larger caseloads and reduce monitoring equipment inventories.

Patrick HydeBI Incorporated plans alcohol monitoring workshop for national conference
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