Why blog?


Blogs also help in securing quality links to other relevant blogs by trackbacks and comments, which in the blogging world is called socializing the blog. This helps you gain link popularity and link relevancy, and helps drive traffic very quickly. WordPress offers a great built-in publicize feature that automatically shares your posts to any of the following services: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo to help streamline your sharing.

FREQUENCY of posts is important. In order for your blog to be considered active (with bloggers and search engines), you need to make sure you post relevant content at least twice a month; posting once a week is ideal. Pivot helps clients both small and large everyday with blogging. Before you jump on the blogging bandwagon, Pivot recommends you clearly:

  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Decide who will participate, write and make routine posts
  • Create an internal review process
  • Create a calendar of posts ensuring you have relevant, rich content posted regularly
Laura HollowayWhy blog?
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