Bright colors will make a splash in 2014


I couldn’t have been more attracted to the color of 2014—an intriguing purple called radiant orchid. It’s vibrancy and charm reminded me of all the bright and eye-catching color trends of recent. I started looking at interior design, fashion trends, user interfaces, websites, etc., and I realized the future is bright. Here are just a few of my favorite color crazes I think will be big in 2014.

Color Blocking1) Color blocking

Color blocking has been rising in the fashion world for a couple years now. It’s a simple concept that pairs bright hues together, sometimes complementary colors or multiple shades of one color. Other times it means the elements wouldn’t normally be paired together and the clash of tones is what draws attention. But color blocking always means exactly what it says—solid blocks of color. It’s bright and dramatic yet still simple. After sweeping the fashion runway I’ve already seen this fad carry over to website design and user interfaces.

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2) Monochromatic schemes

Color palettes that include only shades and tints of one color have come in and out of style for decades. Monochromatic painting and other mediums have been around Monochromatic schemessince the early 1900s. These designs are easy to match and portray a calming and professional style. A new style called “ombre” is taking over textiles, nail art, hair styles and interior decorating. It’s basically just a gradient fade from one shade of a color to another, and although it’s nothing new or different, it’s definitely in style. This is going to come back to graphic and web design in a huge way. It can make for a beautiful, cohesive palette in a print brochure or a striking and simple web page.

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Neutral Colors with Bright Accents

3) Neutral colors with bright accents

One of my favorite color combinations is a dominantly neutral scheme with one or two vibrant colors that pop. It’s been a popular method in fashion, interior design, art mediums, advertising, and basically every creative industry. This is a trick that graphic designers love to use to call attention to the most important thing on a cluttered page. When you have a simple design with grays, black and white as the primary colors, it’s difficult to miss a big pop of blue or orange. It’s also impossible to choose a color that clashes with gray or white. In my opinion, this style is only going to get bigger in 2014. It’s the perfect combination of classic and professional neutrals with brilliant and eye-catching hues.

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Laura HollowayBright colors will make a splash in 2014
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