When your clients do good for others


These actions were out of genuine goodness and concern for other people, which is the first and most important reason to do good in my opinion, but from a public relations perspective, these good efforts provide opportunities to show off the organization’s virtuous culture.

Here are four things we did to help spread the word about these good deeds:

1. Posted pictures and captions on Facebook.

Pictures depicted various communities buried in snow, and a director of nursing who drove around town picking up co-workers to make sure everyone made it to work safely and on time.

2. Wrote and sent a letter to the editor at the local paper.

The letter thanked the fire and police for their support during the storm and was authored by the administrators at a skilled nursing facility.

3. Posted a blog from senior management thanking the staff, company-wide.

The post acknowledged the staff for all they did to ensure residents were safe and supported during the storm. It also pointed out that the communities stayed warm with the emergency generators installed on the properties.

4. Highlighted thank you letters in the monthly email newsletter.

Letters included one from a local fire department, thanking EPOCH for taking in people from the community who had no electricity. The newsletter goes to local professionals who make referrals to the facility.

So, the first and most important reason to do good is because it’s the right thing to do. When you work at a public relations firm, you can always use your clients’ actions in other ways, such as to highlight the virtuous quality of the organization’s culture.

Laura HollowayWhen your clients do good for others
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