Beating the drum: Promoting Winter Bike to Work Day in Boulder


–          An e-Blast sent to a targeted list of individuals that encouraged early registration and shared information about breakfast stations, swag, and more;

–          Reaching out to a media contact with the local television station to pitch coverage for the event;

–          Placing a guest column from a relevant local official in the local newspaper that discussed the logistics of riding in the winter;

–          Cross-promoting the event on various social media channels, including related Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and e-Newsletters;

–          A persistent and consistent push to local print media players at various stages preceding the day of the event.

The result? A slew of stories in local print media, great live television coverage of the event, a record turnout for the event itself, the knowledge of a job well done, and a whole lot of appreciation from our client. Here is some of that coverage; take a look, and then let us know if there’s anything you or your business have going on that Pivot can beat the drum about.

PivotBeating the drum: Promoting Winter Bike to Work Day in Boulder
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