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We have seen a 40 percent increase in mobile use in our email marketing campaign in the past two years. That shocking stat has prompted many marketers to ask, “How can I make my email marketing mobile friendly?”

Here are a few recent mobile email stats and a few tips to help make your email marketing comfortable for mobile users.

Who is using mobile email?

Everyone, but not evenly. Mobile use is drastically different between emails that are sent to customers in the general public and emails that are sent to business customers.

The General Public

More than one third of the general public is now checking email on their phone. Below is a recent usage report form an email campaign sent to customers in the general public.
Mobile Email Usage

Business Customers

Business customers have been slow to board the mobile band wagon. Outlook, with a  whopping 87 percent combined usage, still reigns supreme in the business world.
Mobile Email Usage Among businesses


Mobile-friendly email marketing tips

One-column layout

Most mobile phones are less than 650 pixels wide. Using a multi-column layout will cause you to lose valuable real estate and force your reading text to be small.

Large text size

A good rule of thumb is to keep your reading text to a minimum size of 14 pixels.

Vertical phones

Using vertical, or portrait style, photographs and graphics will display better on mobile devices.

Large buttons

Keep in mind that mobile users will be trying to tap buttons and links in your emails with their fingers.

Responsive templates

Many email sending engines, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, are starting to unveil mobile responsive templates. These templates detect mobile devices and resize content to provide mobile users with a better experience. The advantage of responsive templates is that marketers only need to create one email. On the downside, these templates are new to the market and do not display well in all email clients, namely Outlook.

Dedicated mobile email campaigns

Many marketers are taking a split approach to email marketing to ensure the best mobile experience. Marketers can use tracking data from previous email campaigns to identify mobile users. These users can then be segmented and sent a separate email design specifically for mobile devices. This is the best approach if time and budget allow.

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