All nonprofits rely on a strong vision and mission, funding, members and volunteers, and positive outcomes. Pivot assists nonprofits to build a strategy that communicate its vision, mission and outcomes in a way that will help establish credibility, attract funding, donors, system users, and keep organizations engaged with members and key audiences. We do this through content and email marketing, web and graphic design, media relations, social media, case studies, branding and much more.

Senior Living

Pivot has 20+ years experience working with skilled nursing, assisted living, memory care and other forms of retirement communities. Through a variety of proven techniques, we help senior living operators to attract residents and families seeking an appropriate home and care setting. Our tactics are tailored to each community, but involve ongoing media outreach and communications with families, prospects, referrals sources and more. In turn, these tactics position operators as top of mind for senior care and housing.

Professional Services

Legal, architectural, accounting and other professional service organizations deliver expertise that makes them valued by their customers. Pivot helps organizations develop appropriate strategies that connect them with audiences who benefit from their expertise and experience. This includes developing brands, increasing web traffic through inbound marketing, web and graphic design, social media, media relations and more.


Pivot works closely with governmental agencies to create and implement public outreach campaigns. Using the 5 Es of behavior change – engineering, education, encouragement, enforcement and evaluation – Pivot develops campaigns based on research, planning, creation of appropriate materials that will resonate with intended audiences, and metrics to measure outcomes.

Other Areas

We are driven by a mission to influence positive change through smart communication. We are results-oriented, collaborative and cost effective. We successfully apply our proven methods for governmental, professional services, nonprofits and senior living operators in many other areas, including criminal justice, real estate, technology and more.

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