BI Incorporated

Established in 1978, BI Incorporated is the leading technology, treatment and supervision company in community corrections in the United States today. BI contracts with approximately 900 governmental agencies nationwide, supporting them with a full continuum of intensive supervision technologies and community-based cognitive behavioral reentry programs for adult and juvenile offenders. BI’s challenge is maintaining a presence among community corrections professionals, judges, politicians and others who influence purchase decisions for offender monitoring technology and reentry programs. Pivot has worked with BI for more than a decade.


BI Incorporated - Media Coverage, Annual Report & Legislative Guide

  • Ongoing media relations program that involves stories in national and local media outlets about BI’s evolving product and service line
  • Generating copy/content for annual reports, literature, ads, website and more
  • Supporting an ad campaign to stay top-of-mind for alternatives to detention
  • Generating dozens of case studies to highlight product and program successes nationwide.
  • Coordinating national speaking opportunities at major conferences
  • Bylining articles for targeted locations, industries and associations
  • Drafting quarterly newsletter
  • Developing white papers and documentary style videos


Pivot has supported BI for more than a decade and assisted the company on many levels. BI continues to be the major player in community corrections and Pivot has become a trusted resource for marketing, public relations and corporate communications activities.