Claire Autruong

Communications Specialist – Claire provides marketing communications, strategy, analytics, social media and email marketing expertise to Pivot’s broad client base. Prior to joining Pivot, she implemented marketing campaigns for successful real estate teams, and was an editor and columnist for an independent student newspaper. She was recently adopted by a black lab mix named Dashiell, is a fantasy football champion, and bleeds blue-and-orange and burgundy-and-blue for the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche.

What is branding?

If you’ve been looking at creative and marketing agencies to do some work for your company recently, you’ve seen the phrase “branding” or “integrated branding.” We know about marketing, sales, public relations, design – but what is branding? Short answer? A brand is the foundation of all the outward-facing elements of your company. It’s the

Facebook throttles back organic reach for brand pages

Buzz surrounding Facebook’s organic reach peaked again this week as Valleywag writer Sam Biddle posted about Facebook’s plans to throttle back brand pages’ ability to reach people who have “liked” their pages. What happened? When Facebook first rolled out brand pages, companies and celebrities could post content to their pages that would be pushed out

The very gray reality of social media ROI, Part II

One of the biggest buzz-phrases in social media marketing is “return on investment” or “ROI,” as in “What is the social media ROI of our company?” The discussion over social media ROI has spawned a legion of blog posts, papers, books and social media posts from experts and marketers. Some are firmly entrenched in the

The very gray reality of social media ROI, Part I

One of the biggest buzz-phrases in social media marketing is “return on investment” or “ROI,” as in “What is the social media ROI of our company?” or “What’s the ROI on that social media campaign we’re running?” The discussion over social media ROI has spawned a legion of posts, papers, books and social media posts

5 white hat SEO tricks that still work

The first rule: please the almighty Search Algorithm. Back in the day, you could merrily stuff keywords and hide links on your way to a high search result ranking, pausing only to add more cloaking, irrelevant keywords, tiny text and other black hat search engine optimization tricks. Then the Algorithm got wise and started to

4 simple reasons to use an email marketing system

No matter the size of your business or what you sell/provide/do/give away, you need to communicate with customers/clients/other businesses/your own staff, which means you need an email marketing system. Operations of all sizes and types can reap the benefits of an email marketing system. Most require subscription fees, but it’s a well-spent expense in order

Melissa Brooks joins Pivot Communication

 Pivot Communication, a Boulder-based marketing and public relations firm, announces that Melissa Brooks has joined the company as an account executive. She previously worked as an editorial intern at Pivot, and also gained experience in copywriting, editing and creative content planning at an agency in Chicago. She is the co-founder and former editor in chief

Piedmont Health SeniorCare selects Pivot Communication for marketing campaign

Pivot Communication, a public relations, design and marketing firm, has been selected by Piedmont Health SeniorCare, a Burlington, N.C.-based healthcare system, to develop a marketing campaign for its elder care program. Piedmont’s elder care program, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), opened in 2008. Pivot will assist with marketing efforts to attract

Four ways to liven up your LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn has added a lot of new features in the last couple years, positioning itself as the professional social network and working to provide functionality similar to Facebook. If you haven’t claimed or updated your business’ LinkedIn page in a while, it might be time to check out a few things you can do to

10 reasons you think you don’t need to update your website

The so-called experts recommend that you update your website approximately every two to three years. I know what you’re thinking – all of these “experts” work for web design firms, don’t they? Who needs to update so often? Heck, who needs to update their website at all? Here are 10 excuses you might be using