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About Pivot

Pivot Communication creates integrated branding and marketing strategies to propel our clients to their goals. Our work is smart, impactful, measurable and designed to move people. We work from the big picture down to the brass tacks, using our expertise in research, branding, graphic and web design, public relations, social media, email marketing and advertising to craft bold strategies that resonate and help our clients thrive. In short, we make things happen.

Our Team

Todd Burleson

Graphic Designer

With nineteen years of graphic design experience under his belt, Todd brings both creativity and functionality to his work. His two young daughters call him “the fixer” and “the one that likes it clean.” Coincidentally (or not), these nicknames are applicable to the way Todd approaches design.

Originally from Missouri, Todd and his wife moved to Colorado to enjoy the outdoors and escape the humidity. He gets his creative inspiration from nature, and when he isn’t sitting behind the Mac, you can find him hiking, running, gardening or creating chalk art in the driveway.

Lily Duffy

Account Manager

Lily collaborates with clients to create engaging, impactful content as she drives programs that build presence. With experience working in newsrooms, she always enjoys putting on her reporter cap to uncover opportunities, facilitate coverage and answer those last minute, after-hours phone calls. For Lily, creativity, curiosity and empathy are at the core of most great work.

Lily earned a bachelor’s in English from Towson University and a master’s in creative writing from CU Boulder, where she taught undergraduate creative writing classes for three years. She runs a literary magazine called DREGINALD.

Laura Holloway


Always an entrepreneur, Laura started what became Pivot in 1998. Experienced in public and media relations, design, project management, crisis and internal communication, she is adept at moving projects forward. Laura is a practiced facilitator and communicates comfortably with diverse audiences. She loves assembling creative teams and developing smart, cost-effective solutions to communication challenges. A CU alumna who’s lived longer in Colorado than her New York birthplace, Laura hopes one day to live where she can cross country ski or ride a bike out her front door every day.

Alexandré Hooson

Graphic Designer

As a multimedia artist, Alexandré brings an eclectic, innovative approach to design for a wide range of clients. Her work prioritizes minimalism, consciousness and a millennial perspective to communicate a feeling or ethic, and, ultimately, capture a lifestyle.

A Colorado native, humanitarian and activist, Alexandré frequently travels across the country, documenting movements through photography. Her passion for social justice and environmentalism synthesizes with her design to create progressive art for a forward-thinking world.

Jack Houston


Jack is dedicated to the craft of video storytelling and motion design—he believes images speak a language that words cannot always achieve. Jack is passionate about finding interesting and innovative ways to display content through video. Apart from viewing life through a lens, he occupies himself through reading, writing music and skateboarding.

Growing up in Northern California, Jack found his feet on a skateboard and wrapped his hands around his family’s old camcorder. He began constantly filming and stringing together footage to create cohesive narratives. A graduate of the University of Colorado with degrees in journalism and film, Jack is fueled by creation, and his drive to convey meaning through the moving image continues to grow with each project he completes.

Patrick Hyde


Patrick joined forces with Laura a few months after she started Pivot in 1998. They’ve built a team that assists organizations large and small to figure out their story and tell it to the right audiences. Patrick focuses primarily on public relations and client strategy, and he works on issues in health care, law, transportation and criminal justice. He enjoys challenging situations and gravitates toward clients who are doing things that matter to him—nonprofits, professional firms, public entities and senior living folks.

Patrick has a BA in journalism and an MBA, both from CU. A former Jersey shore guy, water pumps in his veins and his kids have (kind of) committed to fulfilling his Viking funeral wish in the Atlantic. Growing up in a family of 11 with one long station wagon that was a hand-me-down from the nuns, he learned to ride a bike everywhere—and still does.

Emily Recker

Office Manager

After several years in the financial services industry, Emily came to Pivot with a background in accounting and a passion for putting efficiency into practice. She is often teased by her family and friends for her zany organizational tendencies but she knows that it’s just because they’re jealous.

An East Coast girl, Emily was born in Maine and grew up in Savannah, Georgia. After graduating from Boston College in 2003, she moved to Boulder with a couple friends to “live out west for a year” and has been here ever since. Although she misses the ocean, she now realizes that she can’t live without the mountains either. She enjoys all that the Colorado lifestyle has to offer, including hiking, biking, and skiing.

Courtney Ronner

Account Manager

With a strong background in political and healthcare communications, as well as marketing for non-profit organizations, Courtney has a unique talent for translating ideas into meaningful content, and for offering clients a fresh perspective. Her attention to detail and passionate commitment to causes combined with a knack for what’s trending in industry make her a collaborative partner for clients with a strong voice. These traits also translate to her personal pursuits of triathlon and endurance sports.

Most recently, Courtney oversaw marketing and communications for a large non-profit focused on urban housing policy. After 9 years in New York City, she traded the subway for the mountains. She holds B.A.s in Political Science and Women’s Studies from Siena College in Albany, N.Y. An avid outdoor enthusiast, she spends weekends exploring the mountains, enjoying live music, and creating “pet” projects.

Savannah Tagget


Savannah came to Pivot eager to write about anything and everything. Her degree in Business Communication gives her a strong background in marketing, PR, graphic design and writing. When she’s not assisting Pivot’s account managers, she’s busy blogging about fitness, health and local travel.

Savannah grew up and attended college in Maryland, moving to Colorado soon after graduation. An early riser, she’s out of bed at 5 a.m. most mornings to run and start her day with a clear mind. She spends her weekends running and hiking on the many trails around Boulder. Her dog Harley, who she considers her best friend, always comes along with her; sometimes she’s able to drag along her husband, too.

Katherine Wartell

Account Manager

Katie works with clients to manage smart communications, offering content strategy and creation that’s tailor-made. A former reporter, she values precision in her work and believes that when all else fails, it never hurts to be a good listener.

Katie graduated with a degree in journalism, which she uses daily, and a degree in anthropology, which she uses sometimes, mostly to feel smart in conversation.

Jenny Wiegand

Account Manager

Jenny has been translating ideas into words since her parents dropped her off at kindergarten at age three. She later decided she could use this skill in marketing and public relations to help clients convert objectives into action and results. A former teacher with a degree in English literature and journalism, Jenny is a natural communicator with a passion for helping people accomplish their goals.

Born and raised in Garmisch, Germany, Jenny decided to trade in the Alps for the Rockies. She misses Bavarian beer and pretzels, but loves the 300+ days of sunshine, dry powder snow and single-track trails she won in the exchange.

Kira Woodmansee

Graphic Designer

Kira strives for synthesis in design. Words and images are each powerful in their own right, but when combined successfully, they create something more formidable than the sum of their parts.

Kira began learning graphic design and web design while pursuing a fine art degree and working in tech support. She brings a powerful blend of artistic ability, organization and technical skill to every project.

A true Boulderite, Kira hasn’t owned a car since 2008 and bikes everywhere, often with her dog. She spends most of her free time being as geeky as possible and working on her graphic novel, Castle Whatsitsname.

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Corporate Refugees

Laura Holloway and Patrick Hyde brewed business ideas even while working full time at Fortune 500 companies. In the late 1990s they exited great PR and marketing jobs to form a marketing firm.

First, there was NewAngle Communications and an astounding 20 MB MAC SE. It was really small, but a game changer. Then a facsimile machine ($100?!!!) that took up half the desk. Desktop publishing, Kinko’s and standing in line with all the other desktop publishers waiting—waiting!—for the color output. Then Damian’s awesome ImageSystems upped the ante, and larger format beautiful Linotype printing. Dial up became DSL. Things were moving.


Holloway & Hyde Communications

In 1998 Laura and Patrick formed a partnership—Holloway & Hyde Communications—offering media relations, design, strategy, campaigns, and more. They partnered with local design and marketing talent to bolster capabilities.


And then Pivot

The firm expanded, added in-house talent and the name needed a reboot. In the “Lesly’s Handbook of PR and Communications,” a passage struck a chord:

“….(Marketing) and public relations people have the role of being always in the middle—pivoted between their clients/employers and their publics. They must be attuned to the thinking and needs of the organizations they serve or they cannot serve well. They must be attuned to the dynamics and needs of the publics so they can interpret the publics to the clients, as well as interpret the clients to the publics.”

That was us, and in 2008, the firm rebranded as Pivot. Today, the firm continues to evolve as talented people with new ideas, skills and passion join to help solve client challenges. No matter how the firm evolves, one tenet remains constant: A commitment to integrity, hard work and creative communication that influences and informs.