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About Pivot

Pivot Communication creates integrated branding and marketing strategies to propel our clients to their goals. Our work is smart, impactful, measurable and designed to move people. We work from the big picture down to the brass tacks, using our expertise in research, branding, graphic and web design, public relations, social media, email marketing and advertising to craft bold strategies that resonate and help our clients thrive. In short, we make things happen.

Our Team

Cyrus Allen

Video Editor

Carole Carroll

Office Manager

Abby Driscoll

Senior Account Manager

Lily Duffy

Account Manager

Laura Holloway


Patrick Hyde

Claire Mulholland

Claire Mulholland

Account Manager

Linley Myers

Graphic Designer

Katherine Wartell

Account Manager

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Corporate Refugees

Laura Holloway and Patrick Hyde brewed business ideas even while working full time at Fortune 500 companies. In the late 1990s they exited great PR and marketing jobs to form a marketing firm.

First, there was NewAngle Communications and an astounding 20 MB MAC SE. It was really small, but a game changer. Then a facsimile machine ($100?!!!) that took up half the desk. Desktop publishing, Kinko’s and standing in line with all the other desktop publishers waiting—waiting!—for the color output. Then Damian’s awesome ImageSystems upped the ante, and larger format beautiful Linotype printing. Dial up became DSL. Things were moving.


Holloway & Hyde Communications

In 1998 Laura and Patrick formed a partnership—Holloway & Hyde Communications—offering media relations, design, strategy, campaigns, and more. They partnered with local design and marketing talent to bolster capabilities.


And then Pivot

The firm expanded, added in-house talent and the name needed a reboot. In the “Lesly’s Handbook of PR and Communications,” a passage struck a chord:

“….(Marketing) and public relations people have the role of being always in the middle—pivoted between their clients/employers and their publics. They must be attuned to the thinking and needs of the organizations they serve or they cannot serve well. They must be attuned to the dynamics and needs of the publics so they can interpret the publics to the clients, as well as interpret the clients to the publics.”

That was us, and in 2008, the firm rebranded as Pivot. Today, the firm continues to evolve as talented people with new ideas, skills and passion join to help solve client challenges. No matter how the firm evolves, one tenet remains constant: A commitment to integrity, hard work and creative communication that influences and informs.